Involving your teams in the implementation of CSRD regulations: the keys to a smooth transition

November 13, 2023

On January 5, 2023, a European Commission regulation came into being under the name "Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)". It requires companies to report transparently on their sustainability policies and performance. In other words, it makes it compulsory to publish non-financial results , and that's quite a kick in the anthill. 🦶🏼

⚠️ Beware, organizations that fail to comply on time or take no action at all risk financial or administrative sanctions, as well as damage to their reputation. The adoption of regulations on sustainability and corporate governance has therefore become a key priority for many companies across Europe.

Don't panic; initially, only large European companies and listed companies will be required to report, and this obligation will be extended to European SMEs meeting other conditions from 2027. If you're not yet covered by the regulations and you have stakeholders who are, you'll have to report to them. 👀

Whether you're aiming for 2023 or 2027, it's a good idea to start the process as soon as possible and get as many people involved as possible. Yes, every department has its part to play in this numerical harvest. The aim isn't just to have numbers; it's that the implementation of these changes makes sense for everyone, and that each person works to create impactful sustainable initiatives. (Pssst, not just internally - don't forget your stakeholders).  

As you can see, it would be a shame to see the implementation of CSRD as a task for management alone. Actively involving your teams in this process can not only ease the transition, but also foster innovation and reinforce the corporate culture. (Yes, totally! If you were looking for a way to motivate the troops, you've found it).  

Yes, this law is positive, as it will enable greater transparency in environmental and social terms, but we also know that it adds extra work for ESG managers , who certainly already had enough on their plates!  

So here are a few key tips on how to get your teams involved in implementing the CSRD regulations (smoothly).

#1 Communicate transparently and regularly

To begin with, inform your teams of the objectives, requirements and importance of CSRD for the company and for the environment as a whole. Explain how their contribution can make a real difference, and emphasize the positive impact that compliance can have in the long term. (Yes, you might as well do it seriously, otherwise watch out for greenwashing).  

#2 Foster a culture of collective responsibility

Encourage the sharing of ideas and suggestions on how teams can contribute to the implementation of sustainable practices. Set up forums or discussion groups to allow everyone to express themselves freely and actively contribute to the development of sustainable strategies. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover that Patrick in accounting belongs to a great association, or that Lucia in purchasing knows the Sustainable Development Goals by heart.

#3 Encourage innovation

Encourage your teams to come up with innovative ideas to improve the company's sustainable practices. Organize brainstorming sessions or competitions to encourage creativity and innovation, offering incentives for ideas that contribute most effectively to the company's sustainability objective.

#4 Recognize and reward contributions

Value and reward individual and collective contributions to the successful implementation of CSRD. This can range from public recognition of successes to tangible rewards, such as bonuses or additional benefits, to encourage ongoing participation and strengthen employee commitment.  

#5 Evaluate progress regularly

Set up monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to measure progress in implementing CSRD. You could add the CSRD item to your team meetings, for example, or develop ESG KPIs with your change ambassadors. 

#6 Provide adequate training

Invest in training your teams on the fundamental principles of sustainability and the specific implications of CSRD. Some organizations decide, for example, toorganize a climate or CSR mural to make their teams aware of the issues behind this report. (We're not just saying that because we organize them, of course 😇).

#7 Change your team events too

‍Facedwith this need to involve everyone in the reporting process, Surveco presents itself with a solution; to organize teambuilding events and engaged workshops. Our mission is to involve employees in sustainable change with a fun, light-hearted approach. The icing on the cake: our team guides participants in the discovery of their own solutions, the ones they want and can easily implement within their company tomorrow. After all, who knows the challenges they face better than the people who face them every day?

In short, to involve your teams in this smooth ESG transition, they need to ;  

  • Become aware of the issues  
  • Feel committed and valued  
  • Belong to a collective approach  

It almost sounds simple when you put it like that, doesn't it? 🤪

If you would like to find out more, please contact one of our CSR experts by clicking here .

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