How can you communicate your commitment to society without resorting to greenwashing?

April 29, 2022

In recent years, consumers have increasingly turned to more environmentally -friendly products and services (and so much the better!).

This change in consumer habits has led to all kinds of advertising aberrations. Carbon-neutral" airports and Nutella with sustainable palm oil are two obvious examples.

So it's time to REALLY think about the best way to communicate.

Why communicate your commitment to society?

Communication enables us to involve our customers and partners in our sustainable development efforts.

A sustainability communications strategy must start with an understanding of the audience and stakeholders. It is imperative to define their motivations and establish messages that resonate with these motivations. The right mix of communication channels can then accelerate the spread of these messages and drive them forward.

Secondly, think carefully about what you want to achieve. This will enable you to be more concise in your communication. We distinguish, for example, between communication:

  • To stimulate behavior
  • To improve your company's image
  • On products and services

Let's explore them together:

♻️ Communicating to stimulate sustainable behavior

Communication can be the driving force behind your strategy. To do this, it's not just a question of communicating about your product or service, but above all the ambition behind your project. Ambition is the goal, activities the means. Try to involve and challenge the recipient.

At Surveco, our ambition is to raise awareness of sustainable issues , and we do this through committed teambuildings.

Ask yourself, what's your answer?

♻️ Communicate to improve your image

If your goal is to improve your image, it's time to put red flags everywhere! The main reason is to fall into what's known as greenwashing.

If you're improving, that's great, and you can of course share them with the outside world. But it's important not to overdo it. Don't use abusive or extreme language. A carbon-neutral airport is hard to imagine, so be genuine and don't promise anything you can't prove.

Be as transparent as possible. For example, explain what activities you are undertaking to change the particular problem. If you're communicating to improve your image, you want to give the recipient an idea of the values you stand for and the choices you've made. They also like arguments based on facts and figures.

♻️ Communicating sustainable products and services

When you've made sustainable choices in the development of your products and/or services, you want your customers to know about them so they can go ahead and buy.

In this case, it's important to find out how to share this information as honestly as possible. You can, for example, have your claims verified by people or organizations specialized in the field. There are a number of recognized labels that can help you back up your claims.

Now you know what your communication is all about .

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when communicating your commitment to society!

And now, how do we communicate this commitment?

-> Post on social networks

Social media play an increasingly important role in communication. This also applies to sustainability. Influencers who speak out on a brand's image can have a major impact. Think Me-too statements, but also students on strike for a better world. It's impossible to imagine life without social media!

-> Consider SDGs

By drawing up seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, also known as "Global Goals", the United Nations has set a global ambition. In addition to this ambition, the seventeen global goals offer a common language, uniformity of results and an image of shared responsibility. In short, it's not for nothing that the SDGs claim a firm place in the business world. In addition to their contribution to a "better world", the global goals offer numerous opportunities for organizations that approach them intelligently. The number of companies incorporating the SDGs into their sustainability ambitions is growing by the day.


So now you know better how to go about it?

To sum up, 3 words to keep in mind: clarity, transparency and ethics!

Step by step, you'll get there 🙌

For a more responsible world!

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