Our impact

What about our impact?

We strive to be a company with impact.
That's why Surveco is committed during their teambuildings, but not only...


people sensitized


reuse of equipment


In donations


of second-hand equipment


of travel made using soft mobility

Environmental impact

The environment is one of our top priorities.
We do everything we can to minimize our negative impact on the planet.
Discover some of our environmental initiatives in this section.

Our environmental initiatives

90% of materials are reused during our teambuildings

40% of the materials used in our activities are purchased second-hand

A Sustainable Development Objective is linked to each teambuilding.

100% of business trips are made using soft mobility

50% of our teambuilding catering must be vegetarian

Social impact

Inclusion, diversity, well-being of employees and customers - does that ring a bell? At Surveco, we try to apply these concepts on a daily basis. But how do we do it? Discover our social initiatives.

Our social initiatives

Teambuildings support our partner associations with donations 

The team is involved in projects related to youth, entrepreneurship and job search.

The well-being at work charter is applied in the office and evolves according to requests.

Staff trained in corporate diversity

Teambuildings are designed with inclusion in mind

Social impact

Diversity, inclusion, well-being for employees and customers - does that mean anything to you? Concepts we apply every day at Surveco.
But how do we do it? Discover our social initiatives.

Economic impact

We try to act day after day for a more economically just world.

Our teambuildings enable us to make donations to our partner associations.

Our economic initiatives

We guarantee fair compensation for our teams and partners

We favour local businesses and our values

We donate 5% of our profits to our partner associations

Our partners must comply with our ethical charter

We donated 1.300€ to our partner associations thanks to our online teambuildings in 2022

Our partner associations

Put your values into action!

It's important to mention here that we still have room for improvement in terms of impact.

For example, we would like to:
- Improve diversity within the team
- Reduce waste from our activities
- Increase accessibility to our activities
- Better analyze the externalities of our partners
- Quantify the concrete impact of your donations.

How about taking action together? Please feel free to draw inspiration from our measures and share them with us, as well as your ideas for improving our impact. We'd be delighted to discuss them with you.

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