5 keys to successful teambuilding

March 10, 2022

Teambuilding is an event to look forward to. But organizing it can be a real ordeal.

Between participants' requests, budget and other practical details, it's easy to get lost.

To help you make the most of your next team gathering , Surveco is pleased to share 5 keys to organizing a successful teambuilding!

What's the point of teambuilding?

But first and foremost, the question is: "Why is teambuilding so important?".  

Over the past few months, our teams have had to deal with a number of unprecedented situations that have put their cohesion to the test.
Communication has been more complex, individualism has been exacerbated by the crisis, and new recruits have been welcomed much more sparsely.

In short, today's teambuilding activities are a necessary investment for the future of the organization.
Creating a moment for your team will enable them to start afresh on a sound footing and put meaning back into their work.

The problem?

Organizing a team-building event takes a lot of energy and preparation.
We'll help you make sure it's original and fits in with your company' s culture .

#1 - Set clear objectives

To begin with, it's important to remember why you're doing this teambuilding. For this reason, it's important to set clear objectives on which you'll base the development of the game. Only once you've defined your objectives can you start thinking about the activities.

For example, would you rather...

  • Creating cohesion
  • Spend a sporty moment
  • Promote your CSR values
  • Reward your employees
  • Unplug from work in a green environment

If you don't write them down, you'll forget them, and you may not see the benefits of this investment.

So where's your pen and paper?

#2 - Draw up a budget

Once you know what your priorities are for teambuilding, it's time to determine a budget for it. It's important to think about the budget before going into the organizational details, as this will save you precious time.

There are many ways to achieve your event objectives, from a stroll around town to a full day with food included. With a well-defined budget, you can be sure of hitting the 1000 mark.

For example, include the following items in your budget:

🎳 Activities: €...
🥤 Drinks: €...
🥗 Food: €...
🚌 Transport: €...

#3 - Get the right people involved

Our members

Teambuilding events can be very beneficial on a number of levels, and are something that all your teams should be able to enjoy.

However, it's important to choose the groups carefully. Ask yourself which departments need to collaborate regularly, or which teams might need to get together the most.

Inclusive activity

Also make sure that all members are able to participate actively in the teambuilding.

If you choose a sporting activity, think about all the possibilities : are your colleagues able to run, for example? Be inclusive!

The animator

Also, the choice of host will be crucial in getting the less extroverted to participate. After all, there wouldn't be much point if part of the group wasn't actively involved.

#4 - Find the right moment

You can't expect your employees to participate fully in your event if you don't plan it around their schedules and personal lives.

Some people won't agree to teambuilding events on their own time, so make sure everyone agrees if you want to organize a teambuilding event outside office hours.

On the contrary, if you want to organize a daytime teambuilding event, plan it in advance so that everyone can block off their diaries and participate fully.

#5 - Make it exciting, outdoors or indoors!

Encourage your employees to take part in the event.


It's always a good idea to organize activities outdoors. Teams spend enough time in an office, so organizing the teambuilding event outside can provide a better disconnect from work.

Of course, the weather can be fickle, but in the end, nothing beats getting out in the fresh air and getting a change of scenery.


If your budget is limited, you can organize activities in your own office.
For example, you could set up an escape room where team memberssolve puzzles and work together to find the way out.

Or simply opt for a board game tournament that lets teams show off their problem-solving skills .

Or a fun way to ask your employees for feedback in the form of games.

But don't forget, through your team activities you can have a positive impact by reusing materials, buying second-hand, avoiding screens... Realistic, isn't it?

Now you're ready to organize your own teambuilding !

If you prefer to call in the professionals and have someone else organize the activities, think of us!
We'll help you with turnkey solutions that are 100% aligned with your corporate values.

Don't hesitate to take a look at our range of committed committed teambuilding activities! We'll be happy to help.

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